is mitt romney actually almost winning?

  1. pokemontecristo said: Obama still has a bunch of electoral votes still waiting to be determined that are most likely voting for him. Obama’s gonna win.
  2. thetruthabouthonesty said: he’s in the lead right now aka im gonna go electrocute myself
  3. queen-of-theeyesores said:…
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  6. lemilylemon said: no, but the southern states report their results considerably earlier than the (considerably more liberal) west coast
  7. dareforonce said: elections.huffingtonpos…
  8. andshewillrise said: It’s super super super early!
  9. lambdse said: GOD I KNOW I’M SO SCARED. Like there’s still a lot of counting to do but I just can’t believe he’s like slightly ahead right now? I don’t know….. UGH UGH UGH
  10. strongasyouwere said: … I think I’m gonna kill myself. I’m not even American.
  11. katniss-peetamellark said: winning the popular and the electoral unfortunately.
  12. -everdeen said: he’s 4 points ahead right now
  13. sweetmotherofladygaga said: Fear not. The West Coast is filled with blue states. Once those votes get it, the tables shall turn.
  14. missdelaney said: pretty sure he’s in the lead right now, but we won’t know for quite a while who won. a lot of states haven’t even closed polls yet.
  15. quackyourself said: Yeah.…
  16. thatswhatpeoplesayswift said: i think so :/
  17. iwanttobeyourduvet said: it’s too soon to say anything.
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