Anonymous asked:
Goodness gracious you take shipping far too seriously

well it is a serious matter, anon.

  1. tiny012 said: Where’s the willy wonka pic when you need it.
  2. raptorific replied:
  3. sweetmotherofladygaga said: Welcome to the internet, anon. You must be new.
  4. districtsof-treason said: ….are you not supposed to follow it religiously? loloops
  5. onelostgirlinneverland said: "you take shipping far too seriously" What the fuck, does this anon not know they’re on tumblr?
  6. ohmybard said: You can never take shipping to far, well I guess forcibally making 2 poeple get together by say locking them in you closet. But I just don’t see you doing that.
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