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I am a siren, a mermaid; I know that I am beautiful while basking on the ocean’s waves and I know that I can eat flesh and bones at the bottom of the sea.

i feel like the majority of the ppl in the mary jane waton fandom are following each other. and it seems like such a nice lil family i love it.

New/Old pictures of Shailene Woodley on set of TASM 2


fire burns brighter in the darkness

Anonymous asked:
Do you think Jessica Brown Findlay could be MJ? (If you ignore the nudes that were stolen) she was in Downton Abbey and she played the feisty Lady Sybil. Maybe if she dyed her hair red and got some contacts?

i would literally never base my opinion on a woman for her taking private naked photos of herself.

with that said, i’ve never seen anything with her in it. but she’s pretty.




HEY FRIENDS if you could nominate an actress besides Shailene (and the obvious ones we’ve already been posting about, ie Holland, Alisha from Misfits, Imogen Poots, etc) WHO WOULD IT BE? Looking for underrated/up-and-coming actresses. I might be writing an article about it. FUN TIMES AHEAD. 

wait i forgot to mention if anyone says emma stone i will set myself on fire, so don’t

margot robbie! idk if she’s been said 

yesss margot robbie. evan rachel wood? shelley hennig? saoirse ronan? emily browning? lyndsy fonseca? jane levy? kate mara? rita volk? just spit-ballin’.

Anonymous asked:
i just love your mj fic and i do love how you've been writing gwen. i do love gwen/peter and i think gwen was definitely peter's first love, but i also definitely think mj was just proof to peter that live does go on and you can find love again. i think mj respects the memory of gwen and also respects herself to know that shes not just some replacement for gwen in peter's heart. i also think gwen would be happy to know that peter was able to be happy after she died

i’m glad you feel this way anon! :)

chapter 3 of woven: wait for me is now up! go read. :D

Woven: Wait For Me - Chapter 3

Unable to stop herself, MJ grabs her laptop and types Gwen Stacy’s name into Google. A link to her Facebook profile shows up, which she clicks on, almost immediately regretting it afterwards. Her profile picture is of her and Peter, who’s making a funny face while she pretends to bite his cheek. It’s like there’s ice in MJ’s stomach.

She notices Gwen’s in the honour roll, and that she got an early acceptance into ESU with a scholarship. She clicks on another link, and it goes to a science publication listing young students from all over the country who excel in their field of choice, and Gwen is listed as one of the most promising new names in molecular medicine. Jesus. She’s not just smart, this girl is a genius. And beautiful, and sweet. How could MJ think she’d ever had a chance?

A chance? When did MJ ever want a chance with Peter…?

Read here.

You dare—?!”
“Yeah, I do. I dare. Kinda my whole act, actually.” 

somebody come over and wear christmas sweaters with me while we make rice krispie squares and marathon a tv show ok pls